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Buy Cakes Online - Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Buy cakes Online is a trading name of Halal Cakes 4 U - Business Name Registration Number 2288262

Our total liability for any claim howsoever arising shall not exceed the price of the goods supplied by Halal Cakes 4 U to you the customer.

Halal Cakes 4 U reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Edible or foodstuff items are non-returnable under any circumstances.

We do not take calls from private numbers, please leave a message if calling from a private number or text/email us at info@buycakesonline.co.uk.

Halal Cakes 4 U shall not be liable for any consequential loss of the customer whether this arises from a breach of contract or any other way.

As all of our products are individually crafted, there will naturally be variations in the final product as with all truly hand crafted products. Products can vary, photos and pictures are for general guidance only.

When the payment is made, the Terms and Conditions are accepted by you the Customer, only then is it deemed an official order.

You should allow at least the required number of days under the product description, If you allow less days than the required number of days under the product description, then we may refund you, less a 5% admin fee.

Due to our Insurance requirements, an appointment is required to be made if you want to visit us regarding a wedding cake, we would appreciate it if the time of appointment can be adhered to, and we can only accept 2 visitors per appointment. If you turn up more than 10 minutes late to the consultation, your appointment will be cancelled, as it would negatively impact on the next appointment.

Collection orders must be collected at the agreed time. If your order is not collected, no refund will be made. Once collected, we will not be held responsible for any damage to the product, it is entirely the customer's responsibility how they transport the cake or other product.

You are encouraged to check your order, we cannot take responsibility after the handover.

Occasionally, there may be a slight colour run from dark colours onto fresh cream, this is natural, as we try not to use artificial ingredients if possible, or at least minimize the use of them. We also encourage you to collect at the allocated time to reduce or prevent colour run.

Photo cakes may occasionally develop slight "bubbles" underneath the photo if this happens, you just need to "pop" the bubble with a clean sharp object and press down lightly with a clean tissue from a kitchen roll.

Photo uploads: You should not upload copyright photos or material. Examples of copyright material are any photos which are from TV series, movies, cartoons, hand drawn copies of characters which have been produced by someone else or copied by you, etc...unless permission has been granted to you by the originator of the artwork or photo.

An order can only be changed straight after payment is made, after this, it will be at our discretion if the Customer requests. There may be an extra charge depending on what the changes are.

Food Allergies: It is the Customer’s duty to inform us of any allergies they, or people who are going to consume the cake may have. Although we will take care and not to use any specified ingredients, we will use ingredients which, on their packaging, states that they have been produced in an environment which handles potentially allergy causing ingredients like nuts for example. Also note that we occasionally handle ingredients like nuts, berries and other potentially allergy causing foods occasionally. All product descriptions contain allergy information for that product. You must then decide whether to proceed with the order. If unsure about anything, please contact us before placing an order.


A period of notice is given under each cake description. We will try our best to keep to the delivery time slot chosen by you but cannot guarantee it due to an infinite number of factors such as traffic or breakdowns. Someone must be available to accept the delivery at your delivery address, a second delivery attempt will be charged for, and may not happen if we are busy due to high demand (in which case you will have to make arrangements to collect your order) in any case, the delivery charge and order total will not be refunded. You are encouraged to check the cake on delivery, as we cannot take any responsibility afterwards. For wedding cakes, we do set off early to reach your venue in good time, however, we will not be held responsible for any delays due to above mentioned conditions.

Order Cancellation

If an order is cancelled, an administrative charge will be made, as our payment system takes an administrative charge and we often source the ingredients after payment. The handling charge will be 5%, or more if we have already sourced some or all of the ingredients/items for your cake.

Any deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance. Any money paid for cake tasters is non-refundable.

As our products are made on demand and fresh ingredients sourced after the order is placed, please place your order as far in advance as possible. The longer you give us, the more likelihood that we can accept your order.

If an order is cancelled by us, due to the customer not reading that we do not deliver to their postcode, as clearly specified at checkout then an admin fee will still apply.

Wedding cake and tiered cake deposit is not refundable.

You the Customer, can pay for your wedding cake in full, or if you prefer, pay 50% initially, and the remaining balance a week before the event. If a deposit is paid, and later we send the customer an invoice for the remaining balance, and if the balance is not paid by the date given on the invoice we have the right to cancel the order. In this case, the customer will not refunded for the deposit already paid. This paragraph refers to tiered and wedding cakes, and any orders where a deposit is paid. 

Create Your Own Cakes

These cakes will not look exactly like in the diagrams shown in that section, as you cannot compare a diagram with a real handcrafted Artisan cake. For "Create Your Own" cakes, no refund will be given, as these cakes are custom made to your requirements, unless you call us immediately (within 30 minutes of ordering).


See above paragraph. The following also applies. A refund can be made if we make a mistake when making the cake, NOT if you make a mistake in your order or if you do not like the cake in some way, like the taste or the look etc.

Stand Hire
Cake Stand Hire charge will apply for all Stands unless stated otherwise. 

A Refundable Deposit (this is separate from the Stand Hire charge) will be required from the Customer for the Cake Stand\s, which will be paid back to you once the stands and any lights and accessories are returned within 3 days of the event date (see also the first paragraph under "Wedding Cakes" section..

It is the Customer’s responsibility to bring back the Cake Stand or Stands, their contents and all accessories in good and clean condition and within an agreed time and date. You or your representative MUST phone us before returning the Stands.

If the Cake Stand is not returned by the time and date agreed upon in the Stand Hire form, a further £10 per day will be deducted by Halal Cakes 4 U from the Refundable Deposit. Any damage to the stands or missing items will be chargeable and Halal Cakes 4 U will deduct the appropriate fees from the refundable deposit. A refundable deposit is insurance that the stands and associated accessories are returned in good and clean condition to Halal Cakes 4 U. Good condition means that the stands and all accessories should be returned in their entirety in a clean, undamaged condition, there should be no icing or food stuck on any of the items hired. The hired items should not have deep scratches or torn or broken bits or dents or any missing bits.

All cakes on stands must be taken off the stands prior to cutting.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Consultation
You can arrange a free consultation with us, this will last up to 45 minutes. Any subsequent consultation will be charged at £25 per consultation (maximum of an hour).

Wedding Cake discount offers
Special offers: Any discount offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers. If you make use of a discount offer online, please note that a refundable deposit will also be discounted, therefore you will receive (upon safe return of the stands and any accessories), the stand deposit, minus the discounted percentage, as you would not have paid the full price initially, you will receive the same amount you paid.

Tasters - With your free consultation, we can arrange a free taster, this will be a slice each of 2 flavours of cake - vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam filling, and chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling. You can specify extra flavours at an additional cost (contact us).

If a Wedding cake is delivered by us, a family member of the Customer or a person designated by you the Customer must be available at the Venue at the agreed time. We will not take any responsibility for the cake if no one from the Customer’s family or if no designated person is available when we set up the Cake. Photos of the cake will be taken by us as proof of setup and for our records and marketing purposes.

If in the unlikely event that the cake is damaged before setup at the Venue, we will attempt to remedy the damage and, will partially or fully refund the Customer if the situation cannot be resolved in good time. This paragraph only applies if we are delivering and setting up the cake at the Venue. The customer normally understands that accidents or vehicle breakdowns can happen at anytime, anywhere.

If delivery is made by us, we will deliver, set up the cake at your venue and decorate the top of the table with matching decorations. The Customer will need to ensure that the table will be able to comfortably accommodate the size of Cake you have chosen and that there is a table cloth on the Cake Table prior to the Cake Setup. We cannot take responsibility if the cake table is too small or unstable to accommodate the Cake. The Customer will have to notify the providers of the venue, informing them of the size of table required for the Cake.

Any deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance.

We reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions as we become aware of unforseen situations.


No part of our websites (www.BuyCakesOnline.co.uk, http://www.HalalCakes4u.co.uk and http://www.HalalCupcakesOnline.co.uk), including cake designs, images or logo may be reproduced. All rights reserved. We reserve the right to upload photos of our designs onto our websites, social media and elsewhere.

Copying other people's designs

We do not copy other people's designs. If you request that we copy exactly someone's design, then we will do something similar, but not exactly the same.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You the Customer have read, understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions set in this document. Once a deposit is paid or if a payment is made, it is deemed that the customer has accepted these Terms and Conditions