Would you like insect with that ma'am ?

Would you like insect with that ma'am ?

You wouldn't believe what ingredients are put in your food these days. Thankfully we avoid these not so yummy things. Photo is from Wikimedia commons.


This ingredient is usually used as a food glaze...there is a chance that some food items and sweets you have right now could be coated with this substance. Shellac is also known as e904, a glazing agent which makes sweets nice and shiny! Next time you pick up some sweets, watch out for this ingredient, which is the excretion of a certain lac insect, do some research into how this ingredient is made, very likely it contains crushed insects as well and is sometimes referred to as "Beetlejuice"! Manufacturers sometimes do not state on their packaging if they use shellac, they could just write something like "glazing agent" or "enteric coating" in the ingrediants.


A reddish dye that is actually made from crushed dried bodies of a certain insect (the E number is e120). Sometimes it's called "Natural Red 4"


similar to Cochineal, also referred to ingredients as "carminic acid" More info is found here.

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