Gluten Free & Egg Free Options
We've now introduced Gluten Free Cakes. You'll find in most of our celebrations cakes, the options for Gluten Free or Egg Free. Gluten Free cakes use ingredients which do not contain gluten. This dietary requirement is mainly due to some people who are not able to consume gluten in their diets due to Allergies to wheat or other medical reasons like Coeliac disease, which makes the person's tummy hyper sensitive to gluten...
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We've been featured in the Birmingham Mail again
Just a little update.Birmingham Mail has featured us online in their shopping section, here's the link..
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Would you like insect with that ma'am ?
You wouldn't believe what ingredients are put in your food these days. Thankfully we avoid these not so yummy things. Photo is from Wikimedia commons.ShellacThis ingredient is usually used as a food glaze...there is a chance that some food items and sweets you have right now could be coated with this substance. Shellac is also known as e904, a glazing agent which makes sweets nice and shiny! Next time you pick up some sweets, watch out for this ingredient, which is the excretion of a certain lac insect, do some research into how this ingredient is made, very likely it contains crushed insects ..
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Cinnamon Swirls - A quick and delicious recipe

Here is a delicious and simple Cinnamon Swirls recipe by BuyCakesOnline!

1. Get ready rolled puff pastry and lay it out... 2. Scatter some blobs of butter, sprinkle soft brown sugar and cinnamon powder... 3. Dab a bit of water on the edges of the pastry and roll up loosly and cut up into 1" slices... 4. Place the slices on a greased baking tray, flatten them slightly and bake for about 20 minutes (pre-heat oven to 200 c/gas mark 6) or until golden. When done remove them on a cooling rack...

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What's the difference between fondant icing and other icings?
Many people ask about the difference between fondant, buttercream and fresh cream icing, here is a brief explanation:Fondant: It is a kind of a sugar dough, which you can roll, it ensures a smooth finish and is generally used for wedding cakes. The downside is that fondant is heavy and does not have much taste, apart from the sweetness. Royal IcingThis is spreadable soft and slightly bitter to taste, and quite sweet, we prefer not to use this too often, as it can unbalance the taste experience of the consumer. However, this icing comes in useful for sticking things together and making decorati..
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