About Us

We are a family run home cake maker based in Birmingham. We're very passionate about our artisan cakes and put the very best, highest quality ingredients into our own secret recipes. Our aim is to put a smile on our customers' faces, to give you a memorable cake which is of the highest quality and has a supreme taste and aroma. If you care about taste and quality, then place a cake order online and taste the real difference.

As Halal Cakes 4 U, we were approached by Venture Publishing who were planning to make a book, so out of many cake makers, our input was chosen and so we are now co-authors in a book called "Planning the Perfect Asian Wedding".
Our wedding cakes have been featured in the 2014 Winter Edition of Asiana Wedding Magazine.
We have been awarded 5H by Birmingham City Council Environmental Health Department, this means that our Hygiene and Management standards are second to none.

As the business is gradually expanding, we wanted to make the experience easier for our clients to buy our unequalled, highest quality cakes, so we decided to go online, so now we have this website where you can have a look at our many beautifully crafted cakes, from birthday cakes to wedding cakes, something for everyone and every budget - we are confident and hope that you enjoy the experience, and please come back soon!

What else makes us Special

The excellent taste of our artisan cakes is something we've worked on over a long period of time, even our fresh cream and buttercream alone have a fantastic taste and aroma, which many customers have commented on.
We use the highest quality ingredients, and put in a lot of time and effort to get the desired results
We use only Free Range Eggs and Flavours and Essences which are free from animal  or insect derivatives and also free from alcohol, thus making them suitable for vegetarians and for halal diets.
We check with the manufacturers whether alcohol has been used in the manufacturing process, even as a flavour or colour carrier, if it is used, then we do not use that ingredient in our recipes
All our products are Vegetarian. Many have the options for Eggless (egg free) and Gluten Free requirements.
Halal Cakes 4 U - (By appointment for Wedding cakes only) Hampton Road, Aston, Birmingham B6 6AB
Business name Registration no. 2288262
Awarded 5H by Birmingham City Council for Hygiene and Management standards.

**We do not take calls from private numbers**